$LOPES purchased during the Private Sale or Public Sale are principally available after the completion of the $LOPES 
sales rounds.

50% of the $LOPES token are immediately transferable after a 6 month hard lock.

The remaining 50% will only be released for free transferability in monthly installments of 10% per month starting on 4th July 2023, with the release of these 10% on a daily basis.

  • Token name:$LOPES
  • Ticker Symbol:LOPES
  • Plattform:Polygon
  • Total Amount:650.000.000
  • Fundraising amount:CHF 25.000.000
  • Private Presale Start:July 4, 2022
  • Private Presale of $LOPES:90,000,000
  • Public Presale Start:October 10, 2022
  • Public Presale of $LOPES:60,000,000
  • Public Presale Price:USD 0.25 = 1 $LOPES
  • Minimum Purchase Amount:USD 100
  • Market Capitalisation Listing:USD 227,5 million

Sales Timeline

Private Presale
Token Sale for Family & Friends and medium sized investors
Public Presale
Public Sale of token on Presale Application
Last Call
Sale of remaining $LOPES (if any)
Exchange Listing
$LOPES will be listed at Exchange
Value Development *
Continuously Market Making and token value development

Token Distribution

  • Presale 23.8% 23.8%
  • Team 13.08% 13.08%
  • LL Mining Pool 10.77% 10.77%
  • Liquidity Reserve 24.62% 24.62%
  • Marketing 10.77% 10.77%
  • Token Listing 0.69% 0.69%
  • Sales 3.15% 3.15%
  • Staking Pool 6.15% 6.15%
  • Reserve Community Drop 7.69% 7.69%

Total650 million $LOPES100%

Allocation of Funds


What is the background of Leandro Lopes?
Leandro Lopes (LL) is a multidimensional and authentic upcoming fashion brand, which constitutes integrity through high quality and exclusive individual designs. Leandro Lopes is more than just fashion or clothing. Leandro Lopes expresses a special spirit and lifestyle driven towards connecting people. Because of its celebrities and influencers and their communities of over 20 million followers, Leandro Lopes has a huge potential. Many of the market participants consider Leandro Lopes as one of the fastest growing fashion brands in 2022.

Leandro Lopes embraces on values to produce only in Europe, establishing a wide range of core products such as sneakers, Tops, Pants, and other shoes handmade from high quality materials. The production of all LL-Products takes place solely in factories in Portugal, where the Lopes family has been long running shoe factories and business since 1962.
What is the goal of the Leandro Lopes ICO?

With the merging of the physical and virtual worlds, we are entering a new era of fashion and business. This is a crucial step towards further growth of our community in the future. We are sure that this concept will make us a highly recognizable pioneer across the fashion world.

Another important goal that the LL brand will look to accomplish in the future will be the introduction of virtual reality and digital asset-based collections for the LL-Fashion Business. Specially designed shoes and other garments will be made available as NFTs that can later be used in various metaverses and avatar economies; this will allow users to wear and accessories using Leandro Lopes products across virtual environments.

How to buy $LOPES token?
You can buy the $LOPES token on our Presale Application on https://presale.leandrolopes.io/
Why are Celebrities and Influencers supporting this project?

One of the biggest strengths of the Leandro Lopes brand is its collaboration with celebrities and influencers. The brand has many celebrity contacts, as a result of which well-known artists such as Jerome Boateng, James Rodriguez, Floyd Mayweather, Migos, P Diddy, Lil Baby, Neymar, Jason Derulo, Tyga, Snoop Dog or Kollegah, among others, are already promoting Leandro Lopes products on their own social media channels, thus reaching a significant number of followers for the LL brand.


This can generate very high reach in this project. Leandro Lopes will leverage its contracts and promote the “$LOPES token offer” through careful promotion. Elaborate photo and video shoots will be used to showcase the selection process involving the influencers as brand ambassadors, awareness, perception and reach of the Leandro Lopes brand.
Which platform is used for the $LOPES token?

The $LOPES is a utility token using the ERC20-standard. It will be published on the Polygon Blockchain for strategic reasons, with the $LOPES using a so-called hybrid Blockchain infrastructure.

For strategic and economic reasons, $LOPES will be run on a so-called hybrid blockchain. In addition to the public Polygon blockchain there will also be a privately hosted version of the Polygon blockchain. Having the private blockchain gives several strategic advantages. It is much more cost-efficient because transactions performed on private blockchain don’t cost any transaction fees. Because there will be thousands of daily so-called microtransactions (only sending out daily mining rewards) all users of the LL- ecosystem will benefit from the advantages of the private blockchain.


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